R & D Center


R&D Center: G.T. PAPER CO., LTD PUTIAN FUJIAN builds up the industrialization R&D center1606093179178010393.jpg

The R&D center is equipped with advanced sterile laboratory, raw material testing laboratory, microbial testing laboratory, manual samples room, real person experience room, constant temperature and humidity laboratory, etc. It has built an information center integrating product design, scientific research and development and daily management. 


R&D Investment:

G.T. Paper has set up a research center to transform its research achievements into competitive products, and it has introduced experts with many years of technical experience to serve as R&D director, thus building an independent and complete R&R team. Sustained high intensity investment to R&D has become one of the power sources of rapid and steady growth of business performance of G. T. Group, which is quite rare among domestic diaper enterprises.


R&D Achievements:

Since the establishment of R&D Center, it has continuously strengthened the ability to implement new products development and quality control, such as 2mm thin and non-faultage core, 3D double-layer side leak guard and elastic leak-proof waistband are the achievements of R&D personnel's efforts.

Quality is always the first priority, the spirit of continuous refinement and innovation, combined with professional talents and precise equipment, is the key for G.T. R&D Center to continuously research and develop more comfortable and higher quality products to meet the needs of customers.


R&D Knowledge Management:

Research data, such as collection of industry-related patent data, database of actual measurement, database of competitive products analysis and analysis results of various products, shall be established in the form of image, data and text. The number of patent applications or the proportion of patent approvals continues to increase and there are now more than 20 patent licenses.

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