Quality testing


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With a good business operation concept and commercial credit, G.T Paper Co., Ltd. has successfully passed the application for Dun & Bradstreet enterprise registration in July 2022 after a series of professional verification by HuaXia Dun & Bradstreet China, and became a member of Dun & Bradstreet Global enterprise. It has obtained the D-U-N-S® Number (Data Universal Numbering System) which is a global unified logo. It means that G.T Paper will further integrate with the global enterprises and improve the corporate brand image.


G.T Paper will provide potential clients and partners around the world with more intuitive and transparent credit inquiries in an online business environment with Dun & Bradstreet registration. Partners can check the relevant enterprise information, business status and verify the reliability of G.T Paper at any time, through corporate credit files, corporate credit reports, corporate electronic business cards, Dun & Bradstreet registration logo or Dun & Bradstreet Global Business directory, etc.

The DUNS code of G.T Paper is 421362369

All the time, G.T. Paper has been strictly focusing on product quality management and has established a set of rigorous and standard management system in the aspects of raw materials, R&D, production, logistics and market feedback. Since its establishment, the quality testing center has been constantly improved in quality testing management, technical operation, support services and other aspects.

The quality control center has introduced advanced inspection equipment, and is specially equipped with anti-breakage tester and edge pressure tester for carton strength test. It is also equipped with hydrostatic tester, wear-resisting tester, permeability tester and other special instruments for testing the physical and chemical properties of raw materials and products. In addition, a new 1,000,000 class microbiology laboratory has built & put into use in 2020.

The quality control center not only reviews and tests every batch of raw materials, but also the samples collected from each production line for each batch production. There are more than 68 testing experiments and 340 samples data are collected. Through such standardized and systematic strict testing, the product development and quality are guaranteed.



Quality Control Center Testing Experiments:


During the quality testing procedure, a number of meticulous and rigorous tests, such as durability test, absorbency test, gas chromatographic analysis, 72-hour microbial test and etc., will be conducted,

It mainly includes the following:

1To ensure that the rapid absorbency rate, rewet and diffusion length of diaper can meet the standards, the products must be inspected by the quality control center before delivery;

2To confirm anti- rear leakage performance of core, the products must pass the sampling inspection of the quality inspection center to carry out the "core slipping" test before leaving delivery.

3To ensure the absorption and retention of SAP could meet the standards, the quality control center will randomly inspect the absorbency before delivery

4To ensure the softness of diaper, the quality control center will test the density of absorbent core before delivery

5To ensure the durability of the adhesive strength of velcro tape, the products must pass the sampling inspection of the quality control center to carry out the corresponding test before delivery

6In ensure the elastic stretch times and the control for waist comfort are up to the standard, the quality control center will make a double test before delivery

7To ensure the design and hydrophobic performance of leak guard, back PE film are in good condition, he quality control center will make a double test before delivery

8Since baby’s skin is tender and sensitive, the testing of absorbent core is extremely important, the PH test is one of them

9To ensure baby’s health, whether the microbiological index of diapers is normal is an essential test item, the product must be tested before delivery



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