Production center


Production environment:

The production base has a modern workshop of 35000 square meters, and strictly controls the workshop environment, equipment, and employees inside. Enclosed workshop, dust central treatment system, 24 hours constant temperature, humidity and positive pressure ventilation workshop environment ensure the safety of the production environment and finished products to a greater extent.


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Production equipment: automatic production line, automatic packaging machine

The production workshop has an advanced automatic diaper production line, which can generally produce 400~450 pieces diapers per minute. The fastest speed is 550~600 pieces per minute, greatly increasing the production of diapers. At the same time, it has:


(1) Zero-speed material connection without stop;

(2) Online stain (defect) detection, automatic elimination;

(3) Online pattern positioning (image) detection

(4) Baby diapers (pull-up pants) online surface 3D embossing

(5) Elastic unwinding tension control system;

(6) Pull-up pants online ultrasonic suturing and other functional advantages.

The on-line inspection system can directly eliminate and destroy the unqualified products on the production line. In addition, qualified products are also subject to strict random inspection by the quality inspection center before they are launched in the market, all the products used by the baby have quality guarantee!


Quality management:

G. T. PAPER’s production workshop adhering to the policy “quality is the life of the enterprise, quality comes from management”, which is in line with IOS 9001: 2015 standard. And it always adheres to the quality management system, carrying out quality management from the perspective of organizational structure, business processes and personnel working methods, over 5S workshop management system, Make quality policy, establish quality assurance system, carry out QC group activities, share quality responsibility among all departments, carry out quality diagnosis and other activities to ensure the high quality of products, continuously improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the market, and maintain a strong brand reputation in the hearts of consumers.

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